Filamentation and entrainment in an rotating elliptic vortex (11.6 MB)
Merging of two vortices (36.2 MB)
(left) vorticity, (right) adaptive computational grid.
Filamentation and entrainment in multiple vortices rotation (4.4 MB)
Four vortices rotate in inviscid fluid flow.
Viscous flow past a flat plate (1 MB)
(left) vorticity, (right) streaklines. The plate is of length 1. Only half of the plate is used in simulations. Symmetry of the result is assumed about the centerline x=0.
Dynamics of a Lamb dipole near a half plane wall (217 KB)
The dipole is one diameter away from the wall. Vorticity is positive in red and negative in blue.
The impact of a radial elastic wave on a tunnel at some distance (178 KB)
The normal radial stress component is compressive in blue and tensile in red.

Pretty figures

Merging Lamb dipoles